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Summerfield is a community in the burbs built on the tract housing model. It has four basic unit designs, plus the addition or subtraction of add-ons such as garages or a guest cottage in the back. Some of the houses have larger gardens with pools, while some houses are cheaper and clustered around a shared pool with smaller amounts of outside landscaping. It's a pleasantly designed community in the midst of other such tract housing estates, older homes, and the suburbs of a typical Southern Californian town.

Previously it was the last open space in the area, and while there had been protests it had not been enough to stop its development. It started finalizing sales of the houses only a year before, and people started moving in about six months prior to the start of our story.

What no one understands is that the open space that it is built upon has a dark and bloody history from ancient times on. It is a convergence of ley lines that was first baptized by an unusually bloody battle between the Cahuilla Indians and one of their neighboring tribes in a dispute over a woman. Later the Cahuilla poisoned three Padres of a Spanish Mission that was located on the land, as they believed the missionaries to be evil wizards that could only be destroyed by assassination. The mission was burned to the ground. In following years it was the scene of a massacre of prospectors during the Gold Rush. Most recently several bodies had been found on the land, victims of a serial killer. Other events were associated with the tract, but few know of its fully bloody history. Now homes have risen up, like teeth, from the bloody land, a land so soaked with blood and hatred that evil things dwell there and haunt the houses, things with no eyes, no bodies, no souls, entities that only feed on the blood of innocents, evil thoughts, and terrible emotions. The more evil that feeds the land, the more evil it all becomes and now more families are buying homes in Summerfield.

Will yours be next?

Dust Jacket Design by Brianna Tel'Quessir as part of the Horror Novel Contest Prize

Summerfield - Out of Print's date today is:Apr 16th 2012AD

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