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Eons ago, a distant realm fell into darkness. The triplet Gods: Niatissa, Lutilian and Kiash, were the only survivors. Together they fled through the stars, beyond the reach of the entity that felled their world, where they could rebuild a foundation for their new home. Combining their strength and magic, the three gods sealed the remaining fragments of their lost home within thirteen crystals. With these crystals, and the efforts of the three gods, The World of Nia was created.

With a newly restored world, the three gods took it upon themselves to restore lives as well, thus bringing many races into being that would inhabit the land. In order to protect their mortal children, the three gods set to work creating the Aeryals, an immortal race of winged humanoids, that would protect the world from the darkness, corruption and lead the mortals to a new age.

Over the next millennium, peace fell over as the three gods oversaw the world and its inhabitants. Mortal and immortals alike worshipped the gods, offering tribute and celebrated in their names. Everything was as it should be.

However, this peace would not last.

Within the goddess Kiash, a fragment of darkness had awoken. In time it slowly festered and grew, eventually consuming the goddess completely, and Kiash was lost, giving birth to the corrupted goddess, Kayos. Unseen to the eyes of Niatissa and Lutilian, Kayos spread her corruption to the Aeryals, making them believe that they had been enslaved by the gods and that the world must be purged of the wretched mortals if they wished to claim it as their own.

With her army of corrupted Aeryals, Kayos sought to overtake the entire world of Nia and overthrow its gods, bringing about "The Great War".

With the armies of Kayos spreading across the region, the races banded together and retaliated, only to be overrun and slaughtered. With knees deep in blood, Kayos' victory seemed imminent, however, when the war reached its darkest hour, thirteen courageous heroes rose up in defiance to the dark god and the crystals awakened.

Using the crystals power, the defiant heroes ensnared Kayos, trapping her, along with her most loyal followers, within the center of the world. The war had finally come to an end.

The 13 courageous heroes were given the gift of immortality and from then on became known as the Valiants of Nia. To this day they continue to see Kayos' imprisonment that she may never darken the world again.

The remaining Aeryals that stood against the Gods were cursed and were then banished to live in the shadows for eternity.

Now, one thousand years after The Great War, Nia thrives and the races of Nia have found a tentative peace. It's a time of discovery, learning and living. There are still many lands to be unveiled.

This novel, characters, stories, world and information pertaining to it are © to the writers and creators of it. You do not have permission to use anything pertaining to this novel's stories, characters or information.

The World of Nia's date today is:Apr 14th 1153AGW

Further Information:

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