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Welcome to New Orleans, where the magic crackles in the fog rolling off the Mississippi River. The city herself is as much a character as those who live there...

Every corner of the Crescent City holds its secrets close, from the French Quarter, the oldest part of the city, to the Garden District, with her antebellum homes fraught with mysteries unsolved...

to the abandoned homes left from Katrina's devastation. Everyone in New Orleans has a story, even if it's told in the whispers of the wind through the Spanish moss hanging off the cypress trees that grow out in the bayou. What's yours?

This novel is open by application. You can find the application to join us in our storyboards. Once the MoB's have received the application, we will discuss the application before reaching a final decision. This may involve more discussion with the applicant. Thank you for reading and following our story.

If you are already one of our writers, just give us a head's up if you don't want to do the application a second time. Thanks.

This novel is rated R for language, possible adult situations and other possible things that should be restricted, just like in an R movie.

For our writers - Failure to stick to the R rating will get your fingers smacked by the MoB's. Alright, so you'll get written notice and a request to edit the section in question. Too many infractions (and yes, we will keep track) will find you being asked to leave.

Jackson Square - Out of Print's date today is:Sep 21st 2013AD

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