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The Midnight People Novel

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Please only post characters and stories
that take place during the
waking world.

Sunset is on Oct 1st.

Chapter 8
The Sick Sun

It is the Dream that is reality, a world where good and evil struggle for dominance. The changelings have found their true nature and discover on which side of the war they fight. The survival of humans seems to be the one in balance, but will the entire world be lost instead?

Chapter 9
The Awakening

In the mundane world, 1,000 changelings—the Midnight People—brought from Faery, go about their ordinary lives, most ignorant of their true nature. Rather than magic and wonder, the characters deal with work, love, loss, and the feeling of not belonging. Only a few glimpse their reality and the Great Working. Temptations and madness threatens as plans both good and evil unfold.

Red King: In the Waking world he's a retired cop and a widower who has been drawn back into tracking down some sinister killers by Fanny McKay. In the Dreaming he is The Red King, Nuada of the Silver Arm, King of the Tuatha de Daanan of the Seelie.

Fanny Fae: In the Waking world she's Fanny McKay, occult investigator working on a series of grisly murders. In the Dreaming she's Lady Faelyn, ruler of the Fortunate Isle.

Gabriel Oak: In the Waking world he's a graphic designer for Hallmark and recovering alcoholic. In the Dreaming he's the archangel Gabriel, Bearer of light and servant to the higher unknown forces.

Andrea Hawthorn: In the Waking Andrea Hawthorn is a disbarred lawyer now working as a legal consultant in NYC. In the Dreaming she is Lady Adrasteia, faithful daughter to King Nuada and devoted to his cause.

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Alert: The Midnight People is an NC-17 rated novel for some explicit language and explicit scenes. Please do not apply to join if you are under 18 years old or offended by frank language. Currently admission is by application or invitation. This is an original collaborative novel from an original idea by Red King (and his writer) and is not derived from any other source. It was first conceived of before 2005.

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The Midnight People's date today is:Apr 13th 2012AD

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Ares:  This is one of my favorite novels on Pan. Keep up the great ...View
Calliope:  Lovely DJ!! Nice work :)...View
Anne du Plessis Bellieres:  Hello everyone! *smiles* Just dropping this comment to sa...View
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