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In the mid-1700's, an illicit interdimensional portal was opened to Earth's dimension for the purpose of conquest and annexation. The Alchemist, a powerful ruler of an alternate dimension, opened this dark portal in his quest for power and expansion. Realizing a breach in the interdimensional gateways had been created, the Gatekeeper approached certain individuals of ability and status to warn them of the Alchemist and his plans for their dimension. These individuals banded together and under the cover of Hellfire Clubs battled the Alchemist and his forces, with the assistance of the Gatekeeper. Eventually the battle was won, the dark portal was sealed and it was assumed the Alchemist was either dead or permanently locked within his own dimension.

That was not the case. Now, a hundred years later, the Gatekeeper is back to warn the descendants of the Hellfire Clubs - the Alchemist isn't dead and he's created another dark portal, but this time he doesn't want to annex Earth's dimension, he wants to destroy it.

Admission to this novel will require a writing sample to be reviewed by the MOBs. Please note that while the novel is being set up no new admissions will be made.

Dark Portals's date today is:Apr 14th 1838CE

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