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April 2019
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The Year is 1429: There is a never-ending war between France and England as the Leopard humbles the Lily. The fertile lands are despoiled by constant warfare; the peasants, merchants and bourgeois are equally suffering from hordes of mercenaries, famine, and plague. France, ruled by its incapable Valois-monarchs, seems to be defeated in the beginning of the fifteenth century. The Dauphin lives in Bourges and from here rules what remains of his country. And as if this isn't enough, civil war breaks out. The uncles of the King, the Dukes of Orleans and Burgundy, are fighting for supremacy. How many victims will require the poison of the crown? There is a popular saying that France was lost by a woman and will be recovered by a girl. Many took this to be a prediction of Queen Isabeau of Bavaria and Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc, indeed. Is she a messenger from God? A patriot? Or a puppet?

The Year is 1485: The Hundred Years' War is over and France rises from the ashes. The French recaptured Paris from the English and eventually recovered all of France with the exception of Calais. However, the Grandmaster's Curse isn't broken. Kings, proud princes, unsatisfied cousins and unruly barons are struggling for power. Among the most dangerous is Louis of Orléans, the son of the poet Charles. The dying King, Louis XI, had only one minor son, Charles. The Boy-King needs a Regent and Louis appoints his elder daughter, Anne de Beaujeu, for this task. Could Anne maintain the royal authority and the unity of the kingdom against the Orléans party, which is in open revolt?

The Year is 1627: Cardinal Richelieu is the King's chief advisor at a time when the French Huguenots are rebelling against the King. Faced with an English intervention and further hostilities the rumor about a man in the Iron Mask begins to spread.

DJ graphics by Madeleine.

Poisoned Crown's date today is:Dec 11th 1429AD

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