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In the capital of Drachenburg, plots swirl around opium dens and the black market trade in rare dragon eggs; quack doctors spruik a variety of remedies derived of varied parts of the dragonís anatomy; scientists puzzle over the features of this familiar and strange race.

The Government-owned Hatcheries boast a wide variety of species, from the humble Drachus Vulgaris, commonly bred for plantation labour, to the intelligent and lingual Small Harp, capable librarians and tutors.

Progressive activists lead a suffrage movement for dragons, and protest the use of an opiate known as 'the gaze', administered to the beasts to keep them docile.

A life of subservience lies at odds with a dragon's nature, as they are highly intelligent; a potential threat to mankind lies within their powerful, scaled bodies. Time will tell the ultimate fate of the beasts of Drachenburg.

The year is 1888, in the Moon of Hengrist.

Herein are presented documents for the Inquiry into the Plot. These have been compiled from a variety of sources: The journals and correspondences of the Hon. Lady Hester Huxley, daughter of the Hon. Lord Henry Huxley; the investigations of Chief Inspector Theodore Severell; the suspicious activities of one foundling known only as Opal; her links to Frederick Curlew and an organization of petty criminals, gaze dealers, and egg thieves operating out of the Wet Flagon tavern; and the hatchery engineer, Katlinn Sergeievna, who lived for many years under the pretence that she was not in any way connected to the fortune of Sergeievna Industries.


The Parliament maintains a firm eye within both public and private spheres of its city; citizens, both Sapien and Saurian, must submit to strict moral codes and community monitoring, if Progress is to continue its glorious path unchecked.

The Drachenburg Vocabulary, published in 1858 by Cawdrey & Sons, remains a key guide for bemused visitors in understanding the peculiar vernacular of the city-state.

Selected excerpts presented here as necessary.

Drachenburg's date today is:Dec 11th 1888AD

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