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In an isolated part of Maine, some traditions never fade. Young ones grow up and come into their abilities. Families keep secrets and you never quite know what skeletons you'll find in the closet.

Welcome to Wyldwood, ME, a small town, tucked away in a nearly forgotten part of New England, where Magick still rules and the Burning Times never found. The rules are different here, but still choices need to be made. Hearts will be broken, and mended, loves will be lost, and found.

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The Samhain Chronicles is rated NC-17 because it deals with topics and situations not intended for minors. If these offend you, please don't continue.

This novel is now archived, due to personal issues. To our fans, we thank you for reading and enjoying our story.

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The Samhain Chronicles - Out of Print's date today is:Feb 27th 2011AD

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Lauren Elizabeth Parker:  My own magickal expertise is fire and spirit. Its good to re...View
Tawni:  I love this novel! Too bad it's closed :( But still i...View
Roman Gallagher:  Yes, I would like to reiterate what Meri has said. Thank you...View
Merisol OLaughlin:  Roman and I would love to thank whoever left us the Panda, b...View
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