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Once, there were two worlds, the New and Old Worlds. The New World consists of three lands, all separated by the Boundaries, put up by Wizard of the First Order, Zeddicus Zu�l Zorrander after the years of war between D�Hara and the Midlands. These three lands are the Westlands, on the east side of the New World, a land with no magic, the Midlands, a land of magic in between the Westlands and D�Hara, D�Hara, a land with magic and a tyrannical lord.

The Boundaries were believed to be unbreakable. Then, the Lord of D�Hara, Darken Rahl decided to have total control over the worlds, and he decided to hunt for the three Boxes of Orden and the Book of Counted Shadows, to do this, he needed to break through the Boundary between D�Hara and the Midlands. He soon succeeded.

The Midlands, ruled by the Mother Confessor, a woman higher than a Queen. The Midlands had many Kingdoms with their own rulers, but the Mother Confessor was the real sovereign. She managed to keep the Kingdoms aligned and push back the D�Harans until Lord Rahl convinced some of the monarchs to serve him. He entered the Midlands. The Mother Confessor then went on a journey to cross the Boundary between the Midlands and Westlands, where it was rumored to be the place Wizard Zorrander lived to be in peace from all the magic.

The Westlands, with no one ruler, contained a being more powerful than any before, the Seeker of Truth. Richard Cypher, a man born to Wizard Zorrander�s daughter in the village of Brennaden in the Midlands. When Lord Rahl heard of this boy�s birth, a boy destined to be the world�s savior and killer of Lord Rahl, he sent his knights to massacre every newborn child in the village. Wizard Zorrander, took Richard and his mother to the Westlands to a village called Hartland, and they met a man, George Cypher who took in them both and raised Richard as his own, as he became his stepfather. Wizard Zorrander spent his years in Hartland as a Cloud Reader and watched over Richard.

***This novel is loosely based on the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and the show Legend of the Seeker. Also, it contains some things created by the board members to fill in the blanks.

Sword of Truth starts before Rahl starts his hunt for the Boxes and total dominance. At this time, the Midlands, as well as the Westlands, are in peace. Meanwhile, Rahl uses his time to perfect his plan before breaking the Boundary.

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Chapter 1-The Rise of Darken Rahl
The Old World
Before the Boundaries
Alternative Thread-The Future of D'Hara

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Character Biographies
NPC Character Biographies
OPEN Cast Lists
The Wizard�s Keep
The Journey Book

If you have any questions, please contact one of the MoBs.

Kahlan Amnell

Sayira Monoum EsFaux

Darken Rahl

Lady Gwendolyn

If you wish to join and do not know who to play, then please leave a message with MoB Kahlan Amnell or Lady Gwendolyn so they can help your character can fit into the novel. If an NPC suits your interest, please contact the owner of the NPC first for their permission then contact Kahlan Amnell.

Please do not create a thread, ask one of the MoBs to do it for you. Any unauthorized thread will be deleted.

Please read the novel guidelines before making a decision to apply. The guidelines will also contain some information on what is required for an application, as well as the process the board members will take to help you fit in.

This novel is officially CLOSED. Fill out an application if you want but be warned that you may be denied. Before you are accepted, you will be asked for a writing sample.

Sword of Truth - Out of Print's date today is:Sep 20th 35ACB

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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