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Dec 2014
Publisher's Choice Award

Panda Gold Medal
y Heart Belongs To A Pirate - Memoirs of a Captain's Lady - is a wondrous tale of romance, adventure, danger and more than a little magical mystery. Brought together by the winds and tides of fate and fortune, Sesen and her lover, Captain Jack Sparrow, discover that falling in love can be as dangerous as sailing the high seas as pirates. Their travels take them to distant lands as they uncover and reveal ancient mysteries, and face overwhelming dangers together along the way. Magic and the mystical follow them as they set out on the greatest adventure of all...a man and woman loving each other.
A gift from our dear friend, Honey...
If you've enjoyed your visit on the Black Pearl, please consider leaving a comment or signing our ship's logbook below (comments), indicating you have come aboard.
December, 2014 and February, 2018

Copyright February 2011 - Barbara Koval. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no infringement of copyrighted material is intended. The characters as well as the created world of "Pirates of the Caribbean" are trademarked and copyrighted by Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and related entities.

My Heart Belongs to a Pirate's date today is:Oct 15th 1705AD

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Lana:  I'm at the edge of my seat!! Great story full of passion. La...View
Guest Login:  My goodness, Sese, this last chapter was overwhelmingly pass...View
Guest Login:  Dear Sese, I count the days for a new chapter every time,...View
Dillingers Doll:  Ahoy my sweet Pirate Lass, I love all the festive creations,...View
Monique:  My dearest Sesen, I love your Christmas decoration on the P...View
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