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There are 4 main novels at present:

  1. The Black Rose Tavern
  2. The Tattler
  3. The Foxglove Inn
  4. The Dark
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There are no hard and fast rules for writing on A Winter's Tale although there are just a couple of points that the MOB's would like to make to ensure smooth running of the novel:

1. If you have an idea for a novel, please let the Board know, and they will set you up for your story! This helps keep the novel neat and the stories that we have are actually ones we want to write on, and not unused topics that make the novel look untidy. If you DO ask for a thread to be created, PLEASE use it - if not, it makes the novel look very unkempt and neglected. If a thread is not posted on for a period of 3 months and you have not been in contact with an MOB then we reserve the right to close it.

2. If you wish to write on a particular story, please approach the writers already writing there to see if your character idea will fit into the story. This will ensure that the story remains coherent and and we have a good relationship between our members. It is very easy to step on other writers' toes if you do not talk to them about what you wish to do with a particular story. Good discussion makes a good novel, so please do discuss your plans for the novel, either with the relevant writers, or with a member of the Board.

3. Use the Planning Boards - that is what they are there for. All planning for storylines and general discussion about story threads should take place on the relevant planning boards and each thread has its own.

4. Writing Samples - When you apply to join one of our stories you may be asked to provide writing samples so we can be assured that your style will fit our novel.

These are simple guidelines which the members of the board wish you to adhere to... Please address any complaints about posts to Destiny, who is our disputes mediator on this novel and she will do her best to come up with a modus vivendi to suit all parties.

Please note: Winters Tale is currently not accepting any new applications to join our storylines. We hope you enjoy reading.

Please read the Novel Guidelines
before joining A Winter's Tale.

A Winters Tale's date today is:Apr 14th 2020-10-121782-31-10

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