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The year is whichever year in the American Revolution you want, and the place is the Colonies on the new continent of America. War has come with England. What will the year bring? This is the place for characters to explore what it was like to live during those tumultuous years. While it will be mainly set in the colonies, it can also be expanded to include all the Americas and Europe. So the time is whichever year, (just indicate your year in the title).

"What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times... and you were there."*

*Said with great gravity by Walter Cronkite, a newscaster, after he interviewed real and mythological people from the ancient past for children's educational films.

How Time Works in Early American Narratives

Generally, if you want, the month and the day of the month in real life can determine the month and day of the month in our novel. However, even then, time can always be fluid when needed, especially around Christmas and New Year's.

You can write in any year during the Revolutionary War and Early American Period. You can also do alternate history if you want.

“" “"

Several of our members have written timelines of various years, both in Early American Narratives and in Symposia. Thank you! These may be helpful, and if I missed anyone’s let me know:

Events in the American Revolution

Latest Novel Posting:

2018-12-28 20:44:24 Middle Colonies (New York Early Spring 1776) On an Adventure by Elvina Herewood
2018-12-28 20:47:37 Middle Colonies (New York, Early Spring 1776) The Feeling of Being Watched by Elvina Herewood
2018-12-29 17:05:21 Great Britain (London, Dec 1783) Christmas Without the Colonies by Peony Baggins Burrows
2018-12-31 14:28:27 Middle Colonies (New York, December 1783) Problems for a New Nation by Rebecca Barnes
2019-03-30 21:53:18 Middle Colonies II by Kezia Wellington
2019-03-30 21:54:38 Please Use Middle Colonies II by Kezia Wellington
2019-03-30 22:20:58 (1784 Philadelphia) The Last Night as a Single Woman by Kezia Wellington
2019-03-31 00:23:09 (1784 Philadelphia) 'Twas the Night Before the Wedding by Sarah Dober
2019-03-31 23:06:00 (1784 Philadelphia) The Wedding of Miss Rachel Wellington and Mr. Robyn Morris by Kezia Wellington
2019-03-31 23:41:52 (1784 Philadelphia) A Long Awaited Wedding by Sarah Dober
2019-04-01 12:13:19 (1784 Philadelphia) Attending the Wedding by Niamh of the Durotriges
2019-07-04 13:02:08 (1784 Philadelphia) Thinking of the Future by Kezia Wellington
2019-08-26 22:38:52 (1784 Philadelphia) At the Wedding Party by Niamh of the Durotriges
2020-07-04 22:37:22 (1784 Philadelphia) A Strange Independence Day by Kezia Wellington
2020-09-04 16:39:14 (1784 New York) Two Years Ago by Natalia Romanova
2020-09-19 14:01:21 Southern Colonies (High Seas Off VA 1778) Strong Brew by Stefan Anwyl
2020-09-19 14:04:26 Southern Colonies (High Seas Off VA 1778) Storm Aftermath by Stefan Anwyl
2020-09-21 10:51:23 Southern Colonies (High Seas Off VA 1778) Commander Lloyd James by Stefan Anwyl
2020-09-27 12:49:27 Southern Colonies (High Seas Off VA 1778) To the Hold by Stefan Anwyl
2020-10-18 04:27:38 Southern Colonies (High Seas off VA, 1778) Rescued Captive Release Part I by Stefan Anwyl
Latest Story Board Posting:

2018-12-23 15:34:12 Lists of Revolutionary War Battles by Kezia Wellington
2018-12-27 20:43:14 Weddings in 18th Century America and England by Sarah Dober
2018-12-28 17:27:16 Natalia Romanova - Updated by Natalia Romanova
2018-12-30 00:34:34 Some Delegates to the Continental Congress by State and Year by Sarah Dober
2019-01-20 00:39:11 Welcome Larisa Novikov by Kezia Wellington
2019-01-20 07:33:38 Larisa Novikov by Larisa Novikov
2019-07-04 12:54:07 Happy 4th of July to all! by Kezia Wellington
2020-06-10 00:11:40 Panhistoria Parade 2020 by Sarah Dober
2020-07-11 18:17:20 Events in 1784 by Kezia Wellington
2020-09-18 14:59:51 Larisa Novikov- Updated by Larisa Novikov
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2018-12-27 17:21:44 RE: Let's Do It ALL Again! by Rebecca Barnes
2018-12-27 20:04:13 RE: Let's Do It ALL Again! by Elvina Herewood
2018-12-29 15:06:55 RE: Let's Do It ALL Again! by Sarah Dober
2018-12-29 19:23:12 RE: Let's Do It ALL Again! by Elvina Herewood
2018-12-30 00:40:24 Wedding Planning for the Dober-Wellington Thread by Kezia Wellington
2018-12-30 19:29:47 RE: Wedding Planning for the Dober-Wellington Thread by Sarah Dober
2020-06-03 10:20:27 The 2020 Risen Phoenix Parade is coming! by Ashia
2020-07-11 18:31:48 Next Steps by Kezia Wellington
2020-07-12 15:53:53 RE: Next Steps by Sarah Dober
2020-09-18 11:18:22 Been Away, working up my return by Stefan Anwyl

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