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World Under Siege Novel

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This novel takes place in the years of World War II and is based on actual or alleged events that took place during this conflict that spanned the globe.

From the years 1939 - 1945, most countries throughout the world were involved in the conflict that was World War II. The first portion of the war was fought mainly in Europe, while the second half had the United States and its allies engaged in the Pacific against the Empire of Japan. It was the most widespread war in history, with more than 100 million military personnel mobilised. In a state of "total war," the major participants placed their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities at the service of the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources.

World Under Siege is a novel that seeks to gather up the stories of our characters and the conflict on the whole. It doesn't matter whether you are on the side of the Allies, the Nazis or a remote Resistance fighter, if you have a storyline from the era you wish to tell, World Under Siege gives writers and readers a place to explore the myriad of stories and events that made up this important period of history.

World Under Siege's date today is:Apr 14th 1940

Further Information:

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