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The year is 2339:

Mankind spent decades ignoring ecological signs of disaster and water has now become a premium on the planet Earth. The people of Earth have known for centuries that they needed to take care of the planet and her resources. They didn�t listen. Now, they are paying a dear price for a precious resource necessary for their survival -- water.

But the lack of potable water does not stand alone among the many vital resources that have now reached dangerously low levels, some nonexistent, due to overuse and over population. Something had to be done. Their only recourse was to find new resources, most importantly water. This meant exploring the vast unknown regions of space.

By 2080 Plasma powered engines were developed by Bowing, and by the middle of the next century, deep space probes were being launched from the Beta 12 Space Station orbiting Mars bound for the newly discovered planet, Epsilon Eridani. It would be 80 years before it would reach the planet. But along the way other discoveries were made, including a valuable ore on the planet, Pluto. By 2275 a secondary probe, launched in 2245, returned far more detailed information on several planets and moons that showed signs of water and other vital resources.

2290 Deep Reach Project was put into planning.

Now, in the year 2339, after generations of preparation and the development of the Cinder Drive, the final stages of the maiden voyage of the largest vessel every created, the X-Class 1700, has begun. A launch date has been confirmed.

But the Earth's Centralized Government�s branch U.C.S.P. (United Colonial Space Program) has not revealed everything to the now waiting public, or the E.C.G. (Earth�s Centralized Government). Secrets and hidden agendas, inherent in mankind�s self-serving nature could stand in the way of success, and lives could be in danger. There are those who would use the voyage for personal and monetary gain, as well as military advancement.

But for now, the call has gone out. Scientists, farmers, physicians, teachers, ironworkers, pilots, military and civilian alike, qualified personal from all walks of life; from every country who desire to take part in a voyage that will take years to complete. Some traveling only as far as Mars, or to work the mines on Pluto will be among the thousands anticipated to sign on board.

Who will board this massive ship bound for the unknown regions of deep space? Will it be you? Be you military, civilian, with legal or illegal intentions, come aboard. There is compensation for skilled common labor; 10c (credits) daily; 15c daily for accredited personal.


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Please note that this is not a Star Trek novel. If you are looking for such a novel, we have two wonderful Star Trek novels here at Pan.

  • Star Trek: Beyond the Stars Reach.
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    If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of the Members of the Board. Thank you

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  • The Accolade: X-Class 1700
  • Specific Deck Information
  • Technology
  • General Information
  • Shipboard Announcements
  • General Military Reference Thread at OSCAR MIKE Magazine


    The Cosmos Scheme - Out of Print's date today is:Oct 20th 2339AD

    Further Information:

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