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It's the Year of the Cat in San Francisco. While the Lycaon Society struggles with the revelation that werewolves are living, breathing realities in the world of men, the were-cats still stalk the night - for this moment still unseen. Their lives are very different from their Canus lupis brethren as they are solitary hunters by nature. But these are were-cats and that means they have a human side too. Even cats have their social instincts – to love and to mate. Human cats do too. The stories in Year of the Cat are more personal than in its sister novel Turnskin. Our cats prowl and hunt in the night and the surrounding green spaces while contending with what it means to be a cat, or a human, in the modern world. Several were-cats, in our parlance “turnskins”, have come to make San Francisco their home. These are their stories.

These stories contain intrigue, horror, the supernatural and the intimate lives of cat people. If you apply to join the Year of the Cat you should have a story idea in mind. You will need to craft your were-cat or other character according to the specific rules of our shared mythos with the Turnskin novel. Cross stories between the two novels is possible. Characters may move freely from one to the other as long as writers are mindful of existing plots and timelines.

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Year of the Cat's date today is:Oct 20th 2020AD

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