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10,473 CHE (Current Historical Era)

More than 1,000 years ago the FC was born. The consortium that had long run things made its final move to control everything outright. What was once a complicated political Federation of many different worlds become the FedCorp. With a huge military to call on they quickly made it clear that all would live under the laws of the FC. Live where told, work where and when told or be named Outlaw. Outlaws are hunted and tend to stay on the fringes of FC territory, struggling to stay alive.

The moment a person is born they are processed and tagged by the FC. Sent to the nursery and tended by those assigned to do so. At 2 years old the children are transferred to the first of several barracks they will live in as they learn and grow. They are schooled in how to be a good employee all of their lives. Drilled to be good little workers that do what they are told.

Some live and stay on just one planet all of their lives but that is very rare. The FedCorp sends you where they want you to go, the choice is not yours.

If you don't work for the FedCorp you are an outlaw. Not everyone sees things their way. The crew of the Dark Sun are some of those brave souls that buck the system and try to survive on the edge of a cold, cruel and militant society of oppression, greed and tyranny.

Information on this universe can be found here

This is a closed novel.

Dark Sun - Out of Print's date today is:Sep 23rd 10473CHE

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