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In the Duchy of Alalandria the ideals of courtly love hold sway. Troubadours sing their songs of love to their ladies fair, desperate to win their favor. Chivalrous knights will go to the ends of the earth, slay dragons, do battle--all in honor of their ladies. The ladies in question are, of course, married to stern nobles of the court. As long as their love remains chaste, the troubadours are safe from the husbands, but on occasion the erotic and sensual delights of courtly love prove too tempting to resist. When the rules are breached, the playing field changes and more than hearts may be at risk.

Tensions build because of desire and the struggle to avoid yielding to its demands. Many dangers beset lovers in the Court of Alalandria from the displeasure of the Duke over improprieties to jealous husbands, and wronged lovers.

The course of true love is passionate but never safe. Can you woo your lady love, but never consummate your burning desire? Can you thrill to your lover's heartfelt verse and tokens of affection, but never give in to the desperate need for a deeper expression of love? Or will you risk your heart and soul--and head--for a chance at heaven on earth? Tread warily, then, and may Venus smile upon your quest.

Chivalry - Mucha

Currently in the novel:

It is Day 2 of the tournament. There will be another feast in the evening, but for now, competitions from Day 1 continue, the competitors face new challengers, and some now sport new favors upon their persons.

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Day 2 of the Tourney - Planning

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Lords and Ladies - NPCs

The Ladies' Solar

Courtly Love - Out of Print's date today is:Feb 27th 13th c.

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