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Greetings and Welcome aboard

Captainís Personal Log Stardate 802301.11:

It has been five years after the battle at Bassen Rift. And, now the Federation launches a new chapter in Federation History with the first Federation-Romulan hybrid prototype starship is launched named U.S.S. Aventine.

With a mixed crew of both Starfleet and Romulans, they embark on what turns out to become their greatest adventure, an adventure that will either bring them together as one crew or permanently divide them causing them to fail on their new mission. During their last shakedown cruise, the Aventine is given the green light to test the new engine which combines both Federation and Romulan power drive systems, which in theory could propel the ship to what is called, hyper warp. If successful, this new design could change path of exploration for both great super powers and could be the final piece to bring both of them to what has been dreamed about for over 200 years, actual peace and open relations with each other.

As the title shows, something went terribly wrong and the Aventine now only jumped in a warp that was faster than anyone could had imagine, but was also thrown back in time, far enough that there will be no help from home. Now the Aventine is in another galaxy 2000 years in history, badly damaged with a crew on the brink of civil war with accusations of sabotage from both sides.

In order to survive, the crew must do in a very short time what both governments have not been able to do in two centuries, set aside their differences and become one team. Their adventure is not only to get home, but to achieve what some would call the impossible, to become real friends.

Mission and Primary Objective:

To get back home.


PRIORITY UPDATE: Stardate: 082301.11 (January 23, 2380: The Adventure is about to begin.

Meet your MoBsters: *see below*

Selek ~ MoBster & Main Storyline Coordinator

Captain Jadzia Metis ~ MoBster and Graphics Designer

ST Aventine Lost's Table of Contents: *please select below*

PLEASE DO NOT Create Any New Threads. Any unauthorized thread will be deleted. PLEASE Contact a one of us MoBs, namely either Commander T'Meris or Selek to create a new topic thread. This also goes with reopening any closed Threads. Got a question? Ask either Captain Metis or Selek. Thank you. *S*

Check out our sister novel, Star Trek Beyond the Star's Reach. If you need information about the novel.. Then please beam over to the novel via the link below.... *S*

This novel is officiallyCLOSED. If you want to join then fill out the application. Once you are approved.. then you will have access to the novel along with its topic boards. Just a word of warning.. I am very particular in the screening new members. They must be willing post once or twice a week... and be devoted to the novel. You maybe asked to submit a writing sample of your character as to how he/she or other with other characters within the novel's story.

Any questions on this please contact, one of these MoBsters: Selek and or Commander T'Meris.

Namely to Commander T'Meris who is ususally online.. *S*

The dj design and layout is created by Commander T'Meris.

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only. The Star Trek logo, names, pictures, etc. Star Trek related items are registered Trademarks and/or Copyrights (©) of Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek: Aventine Lost - Out of Print's date today is:Jun 13th 2380AD

Further Information:

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