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Inglourious Basterds = Out of Print Novel

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Disclaimer: The universe of Inglourious Basterds belongs to Quentin Tarantino and the Weinstein Company. I make no money off of Inglourious Basterds, but it sure is fun.

Inglourious Basterds = Out of Print's date today is:Mar 4th 1940AD

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Latest Novel Posting:

2010-08-25 11:33:44 Moulin Rouge; The usual friday night by Sebastien Matisse
2010-08-27 07:23:03 Moulin Rouge; A Slow Night at Work by Roxane DeFleur
2010-08-28 01:43:11 Moulin Rouge; Qu'un sang impur abreuve nos sillons! by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2010-08-28 13:46:11 RE: Moulin Rouge; A strange meeting by Sebastien Matisse
2010-08-29 13:23:34 Paris: Abattage de la jeunesse by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2010-09-09 11:37:06 Paris: Fantômes du passé by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2010-09-27 10:58:15 French Border, forrest: Always bring a knife by Sgt Hugo Stiglitz
2010-09-27 11:00:16 French Border, forest: A serious case of chatterboxing by Cpl Wilhelm Wicki
2010-10-06 23:03:05 Benissez les enfants by Roxane DeFleur
2010-11-17 10:43:51 Girl Talk by Eileen Nearne
2010-11-20 08:56:51 Double Date by Tanja Ritzer
2010-11-23 11:08:20 What a Woman Has to Do for King and Country by Eileen Nearne
2010-11-25 10:27:10 Tamas' List by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2010-11-30 10:39:22 France: A Rose in the Weeds by Rose Smith
2010-11-30 10:43:18 What a Woman Has to Do for King and Country by Rose Smith
2010-12-04 21:28:58 Intel, it's what's inside by Rose Smith
2010-12-15 10:40:01 Tamas' List: Borislav Fyoder by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2011-01-03 11:26:54 Bullets are a Girl's Best Friend by Rose Smith
2011-01-04 10:56:01 Tamas's List: Amadore Egidio part 1 by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2011-03-22 14:35:05 Tamas's List: Amadore Egidio part 2 (As the Translator) by Dr Armageddon Endikut
Latest Story Board Posting:

2010-10-24 12:38:13 Phantom and the Goddess by JeanPierre Moreau
2010-10-26 06:32:38 Do they really have more fun? by Roxane DeFleur
2010-10-26 10:54:45 Ends Justify the Means by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2010-11-02 06:36:05 A beautiful flower by Sebastien Matisse
2010-11-02 06:49:57 The devil does care by Cpl Wilhelm Wicki
2010-11-03 06:13:58 A drink after dancing. by Tanja Ritzer
2010-11-04 16:03:28 A yearning for silk by Cpl Wilhelm Wicki
2010-11-11 06:17:44 RE: A yearning for silk by Tanja Ritzer
2010-11-11 15:10:22 a room with a view? by Cpl Wilhelm Wicki
2010-11-17 11:20:44 Hans and Frank by Eileen Nearne
Latest Planning Board Posting:

2011-03-21 20:41:17 RE: A Call to Arms by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2011-03-22 01:55:47 RE: A Call to Arms by Tanja Ritzer
2011-03-22 15:49:37 RE: A Call to Arms by Kurt Hartman
2011-03-27 20:54:00 RE: A Call to Arms by Nadia Valdez
2011-04-02 13:36:17 Decision by Mairead Flaherty
2011-04-15 17:48:21 To Help Advertize by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2011-04-19 15:53:37 RE: To Help Advertize by Mairead Flaherty
2011-08-27 22:11:41 Back to Business by Mairead Flaherty
2011-08-28 14:22:35 We may have to by Dr Armageddon Endikut
2011-08-28 16:34:23 RE: We may have to by Caroline de Rochefort

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