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Project Black Museum

On Friday, January 25, 1963, Time magazine published an article about a young Soviet woman�s astonishing abilities. Rosa Kuleshova demonstrated for a skeptical audience her ability to read and sense colors while blindfolded. Purporting that Russian neurologists studying her were theorizing Kuleshova had a fine network of nerve endings in her fingertips, even so much as to sense light, this simple article touched upon an American public nerve. Here was another arena for the race against the Soviets. What sort of research were they conducting? The Russians were far ahead of the West in scientifically approaching the paranormal, and in uncovering the extraordinary faculties of psychics.

Although the American public began to perpetuate myth and speculate on what the Russians were doing, the Rosa Kuleshova story only scratched the surface of the parapsychological work being conducted on both fronts. The United States military, focused in a few otherworldly pursuits such as debunking flying saucers and psychic phenomena, began another operation seeking to explain more intangible mysteries. A minor blip in the larger radar of important military operations in the Cold War and Vietnam era of the 1960�s, this fledgling organization began with the ad hoc assembly of seemingly insignificant researchers: scientists, soldiers, skeptics, and believers.

The purpose was to collect evidence in response to reports of interaction with the supernatural, the unexplainable. If the evidence pointed to human error, misunderstanding, or ignorance, a tidy report would be filed and those who had been terrorized or frightened could rest easily the next time they turned off the lights. If the evidence pointed to the contrary, then what could be experienced, retrieved, or captured was catalogued for further inquiry in a collection dubbed, �the Black Museum.�
Of this curious group, there were some who would risk life and limb to protect mankind from the things that go bump in the night, and there were some who would stop at nothing to get to the heart of that which is incomprehensible. Each most certainly came to know some secret horror most men could never fathom.

How easily can one maintain scientific rationality in the face of irrational fear? What are the deepest, most shuddersome costs of probing into the heart of darkness itself?

This is the story of the Black Museum.

Applying to Join the Black Museum
Admittance to the Black Museum requires the highest civilian clearance through the United States Army. To apply to join the team, please read all guidelines, then complete and submit your interview with Major H. Blackwood of room 13b at Intelligence Command, following the interview format. Consider reading the other interview transcripts to get a better idea of what will be required of you, and to decide how you would fit into our team. If you pass muster, you will be the newest member of the team, and must try to learn the ropes as efficiently as possible. Read the Lexicon and the Case Studies. Also, we hope you survive. Thank you, and good luck.

Due to the episodic nature of our novel, you might have to wait for admittance until your character can be introduced into the story within the context of the plot.

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Important Novel Guidelines

Episode Two
Episode One
Short Stories
Case Studies
Ancillary Characters
In Memoriam
1960's Resources
Classified: Bestiarium Vocabulum
Classified: Team Bulletin
Classified: Team Meeting
Classified: Team Lounge

The Black Museum - Out of Print's date today is:May 25th 1963AD

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