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Apartment Living is a novel about a few regular people living in an apartment building in New York City. Don't like the sound of that? Then find your own way. Apartment Living welcomes all stories and characters as long as it involves an apartment.

Apartment Living MoB's:

Ashley Robbins

Azula May

Conner Vile

Regular Cast:

Apartment Living - Out of Print's date today is:Feb 27th 2009AD

Further Information:

Chester Eisenstaedt:  Congratulations, you're Romance's featured novel and Azula i...View
Miss White:  Great job on making the Hot List for January and for Conner ...View
Gator King:  BWAHAHAHAHA! Watch out next October, Apartment Living!...View
Azula May:  Hey Everyone. I just wanted to welcome everyone to the novel...View
Conner Vile:  Welcome to the novel everyone! Hope you enjoy your stay....View
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