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With the royal coffers empty, and no formalized system of taxation, King Philippe IV asks Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar for a loan. When he is refused, the King has every member of the Order arrested on the same night (Friday the 13th of October), and seizes the gold anyway. Under torture, the Grand Master confesses to spitting on the cross and is convicted of heresy.

The King promptly has him burnt at the stake, coercing the Pope into green-lighting the whole affair. However, as Molay burns, he issues a curse upon the King and Pope Clement, and all of their descendants for 13 generations. When the Pope dies shortly afterwards, it seems as though the curse is at work.

Meanwhile, Robert of Artois, a French nobleman, feels that he has been cheated out of his inheritance by his aunt, Mahaut. Her daughters are married to the King’s sons, and when Robert learns of their infidelity, he enlists the help of the King’s daughter, Isabella, to bring them down. His actions set in motion a series of events that are to have wide-ranging consequences for both France and England.

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IMPORTANT: If you wish to write a historical character please contact one of the Board Members prior to creating that character. We would greatly appreciate it! Also, no hybrid characters (using a character who was alive decades ago and important in another historical setting and attempting to place them in AK's time period). Thanks!

Accursed Kings's date today is:Mar 19th 1348AD

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Luigi Szabo:  This is an amazing work of collaboration and fascinating to ...View
Louis of Orleans:  I wish you every success!...View
Anne du Plessis Bellieres:  Joyeux Anniversaire! Happy birthday Accursed Kings! *smiles*...View
Portia Devereux:  Congratulations on four years of writing!...View
Morganna le Fay:  Happy birthday three days early. ...View
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