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Antoinette Picard
Captain StarCastle
Molly Tarr

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Katarina MacDonald
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Novel Awards:

May 2014
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

July 2007
Best Dressed Novel Award
Best Dressed Award

Nov 2015
Publisher's Choice Award

Panda Bronze Medal


Panhistoria's most unusual novel; where no one, and we mean NO ONE, gets out alive!

When we say nobody gets out alive; we're serious. The stories are fast paced and action packed. You might be a cop, a villain, a femme fatale, a spy, a rock star, a gunfighter, or a wizard. You might find yourself in present-day New York, Chicago in the 20s, the old west in the 1800s. You might find yourself anywhere in history, or somewhere in the future, or someplace you never even knew existed. Only one thing is certain; sooner or later, you're going to die.

Survivor! Pan Historia is a closed novel. The rules of engagement are very different from those you may have seen in other novels at Pan so please read the novel guidelines very carefully before you apply.

Members of the Board:
Molly Tarr
Captain StarCastle
Antoinette Picard

Current Cast List


"The Golden Wrench" goes to Katarina MacDonald

"The Golden Wrench" goes to Philippa Hainault

"The Golden Wrench" - #2 goes to Philippa Hainault

Survivor! Pan Historia's date today is:Jul 2nd 2020AD

Further Information:

Molly Tarr:  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... dyin' times here! ...View
Antoinette Picard:  And then, there were three...good luck, Leo! *G*...View
Molly Tarr:  looks like we have a tic tac toe game going :)...View
Kendrick:  dun-dah-DAH!...View
Captain StarCastle:  Death draws near, folks! Who will be the first to die? Amazi...View
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