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Welcome to Little, Kansas. The largest town in Little County. A peaceful slice of country living, a place where it feels you have stepped back in time. The farming and cattle ranching families have lived here since the Pioneer days. There are new arrivals seeking a place in this close knit community. Some are City folk looking to leave that busy life behind them, or employees of Ternir Enterprise. It is a place where the old ways and the new ways are clashing to form a different path.

Underlying this conflict is a mysterious awakening. A few native residents of Little along with a small number of people around the globe are finding that they are having odd dreams, memories that seem to belong to someone else, and discovering that they are drawn to certain places where they meet others experiencing similar phenomena. One of these places is Little, Kansas. How can strangers meeting feel like reunions of old friends? Together, they have a sense that something is on the horizon, something that gives them a purpose. Yet, revealing to close friends and family members that they feel an otherworldly connection, a mysterious purpose that calls them to leave home or unite with strangers, can create rifts in relationships if not put them to the ultimate test. Comprised of individuals of varied ages and backgrounds, this group will try to find the strength to understand just what is happening to them. Are they truly from another world? Are they Starseeds?

What it is that draws them to Little, or any of the other places around the world is unknown. They have a feeling that there is something there, be it an object, a place of power, or perhaps a place that a danger will befall. They do not know, but they seek the answers. Some speak openly about what they are feeling and what they know. Others keep their discoveries secret because they fear what the People will do.

Both Starseeds and People are faced with the quickening urbanization of their small quaint home. The company Ternir Enterprise has come and bought up farm lands. Were these sales legitimate? Are the families speaking about the loss of their farms? Or have their lips been sealed by money? Ternir Enterprise has begun construction on their oil refinery. With the refinery there are other developers and businesses who are seeking to make a claim to a piece of Little, Kansas. What side of the fence do you sit on? Are you a supporter of modernization? Or do you seek to preserve your country way of life?

Little, Kansas just a place where people are living their lives. Where do you fit? Are you a Starseed? Have you grown up in Little with this feeling of something more? Have you migrated here to answer a call? Or are you a native, living on your family farm just trying to get by. Do you support the modernization of your home? Do you want things to stay just the way they are?

Join us and tell you story, you never know where life will take you.

September 2009

Little Pink Houses - Out of Print's date today is:Mar 2nd 2009

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