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As conquistadors began to explore the New World, they heard tales of a city made of pure gold, full of expensive spices and rare jewels. Fueled by greed and needing money to fund the war against England, conquistadors set out to search for this golden city.

Unsuccessful, many perished or returned to Spain only to face disgrace and ruin. As King Philip battles against England, he searches for more funds for his campaigns. He starts to organize expeditions to the New World in order to find this mythical city when he begins to hear whisperings of a hidden map, brought to Spain by a former conquistador. Eager to capture the city for the glory of Spain, King Philip orders the map to be found, and the conquistador silenced, along with everyone with any knowledge of this precious map.

Choose your path!

City of Gold's date today is:Apr 14th 1587AD

Further Information:

Thia Saavedra:  ...View
Isobel de Valencia:  Saludos y bienvenidos a la Ciudad de Oro novela. (Greetings ...View
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