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Novel Awards:

August 2009
Best Dressed Novel Award
Best Dressed Award

Panda Bronze Medal

Outlanders is based very loosely on the film Outlander (2008) although the storyline has been radically adjusted to fit a horror scenario. Other than using tag lines, the Moorwen and the idea of the character Kainan, all other plot developments are original and belong to the MOBs. Please note we are currently not accepting any additional characters.

Outlanders - Out of Print's date today is:Feb 27th 2014AD

Further Information:

Jason Lunelle:  I'm really intrigued with the whole paintings idea, great pl...View
Kainan:  No better way to go Kade LOL...View
Kade:  All right! I went down swinging!...View
Izak Meluk:  This is such a great novel, I love it and can't wait to see ...View
Andre Couteau:  Congratulations on a well-deserved Best Dressed Publisher's ...View
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