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Disclaimer: This novel has changed to where it has no connection to the movies

St. Trinianís is not your average school. Instead, it is a school for the performing arts. Some of the best actors and musicians have come from St. Trinianís. At a distant look, it is a good school run by good administration. However, if one was to look deep into the school, one would notice it is full of scandal and crime. The students of St. Trinianís are the pure image of bad students. Despite the excellent teaching, the schoolís administration commits crime after crime; the latest of which involves the Deanís relationship with a certain student. With the behavior of the students and administrationís hanging in the balance, the police are often called.

The ages of the students very from 14 to 27. It was once just a university, and then it also became an academy for Ďstudents wishing to learn the artsí. Those students are then submitted into the college part.

St. Trinianís is on a remote island a few miles away from California. The island is in fact a small city under the American Flag. Students from around the world are sent to St. Trinianís Academy and University by either force from their parents or by their own choice.

It offers many different performing arts programs, including: Acting, Music, Creative Writing, Dance, Athletics, Cooking, Fashion, and Design. A student in the academy portion by default must take all these programs but once in university, only choose one.

There are four main dorms, split between university and academy students and male and female.

Many of the previous students who have made something of themselves often return to St. Trinianís Academy and University to lecture in their profession or as proof into the excellent teaching habits of the school.

St. Trinianís can be told from anywhere in the world.

You donít have to have gone or currently is going to St. Trinianís to join the novel. The school has to be involved in your storyline in some way, an example would be the character of a father who never went and lives across the world, but his daughter is enrolled.

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If you need help getting involved, or have any questions, please contact one of the Mobsters *See below*

Anabelle Lockwood


Charlotte MacGregor

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If you have a question about a character on the Cast List or one interests you, please contact Anabelle for more details.

Or if you wish to create your own, original character and need some Board Member assistance, please contact Anabelle and let her know your ideas. *S*

If you wish to play a NPC Character which is the property of the other writer, please contact that writer first. If that writer gives you the express permission to use it, then send in your application.

St. Trinianís is officially CLOSED. Fill out an application if you wish. The Mobsters do not guarantee admittance. If you are declined and have a question about your dismissal, then please let either Anabelle, Jo, or Kendra know. Upon admittance, you will have full access to the novelís content and if you have a question about how to get involved, please ask one of the Mobsters. Prior to acceptance, you will be asked for a writing sample.

Upon novel acceptance, you will be asked to read the novel guidelines and sign your agreement to them here. Failure to do so may lead to expulsion from the novel.

DO NOT create a thread by yourself and without the express permission of one of the board members. If there is a thread you need to be created, please ask one of the board members prior to creating one to do it for you. All unauthorized threads will be deleted.

Please contact either Anabelle, Kendra, or Charlotte if you have a question or suggestion. We are here to help you get started and to answer all questions or suggestions. *S*

This novel may contain works of fan fiction or excerpts of certain works. All characters and works resembling that of another is the sole property of the respective copyright holders.

St. Trinian's - Out of Print's date today is:May 24th 2011AD

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If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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