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Over six years ago Igor Panarin, a Russian Political Professor, predicated that the United States, full of unrest, was going to deteriorate and begin fighting with each other resulting in formations of new countries within the remnants of the old. Panarin's theory was based on the continuing degradation of the US's morals, beliefs, foreign policies, and financial institutions. When he announced his theory in 2008 no one believed him.

Months later it was becoming more evident that civil war was imminent. Financial institutions were falling and blaming consumers while the consumers blamed corrupt CEO's and public officials. April 2009 marked the beginning of civil war. It wasn't until 2010 that war slowed and what had once been known as the United States of America was now broken into five separate countries and Alaska and Hawaii were annexed into Russian and Japanese holdings, respectively.

As the dust begins to settle new powers are rising out of the ashes. The new territories are struggling to secure their own in the world arena. Foreign countries are biting at the bits, ready to swoop in and lay claim, if the newly formed territories fail. The world is uncertain, and the playing field wide open. Where will you find yourself?

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    Panarin's Theory - Out of Print's date today is:Mar 1st 2015AD

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    Wyatt:  What a great concept. It's very tempting. I'm going to put...View
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