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Wesir and Uset sit on the throne. Horus slew Set. Montu protects the borders. Khnum spins his potters wheel. Gods Walk the Horus Road, Will You Follow?

A new day is dawning in Egypt. The Striking Catfish will take the throne to be crowned Pharaoh. This is a time of new beginnings. Perhaps it is also the time for your own new beginning. Are you an out-of-work medjay? A doctor with no patients to tend? Wood carver a mud brick maker or an artist? Maybe a priest willing to build a new temple? Do you long for the intrigue of court life? Do you want to find a home, marry, and raise a family?

Come Hwt-Ka-Ptah has plenty of room. Watch as a new Dawn rises on an old land.


Be captain of your own destiny on The Horus Road.




Twisted Fate

The Horus Road's date today is:Apr 14th 3100BCE

Further Information:

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