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Please Note: The Stars Are Dreaming Wicked is a closed two-writer novel. We will not be accepting applications. New posts will be added frequently. We encourage any and all to add this novel to your reading list.

The Stars Are Dreaming Wicked - Out of Print's date today is:Nov 13th 3154AD

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Em:  How could I NOT add to my "Favorite Reads" a novel...View
Bayley Aylesford:  Awesome, you guys are back in business. That's wonderful; I ...View
Reine Denman:  Looking forward to see where the new chapter takes you guys!...View
Reine Denman:  I adore the story! Keep up the awesome work, I must see wha...View
Melanie:  Wow! I gotta say you've got me hooked. Keep up the good work...View
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