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Vices and Virtues - Out of Print Novel

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Welcome to England

It is in the year our grace, His Majesty King George III, during the height of the Napoleonic Wars, the war between France and England(see below portrait). Now that the war is over at least between France and England. There are other countries that are still at war.

Present ruler(s) of England: HRM King George III.

HRH Prince Regent George, Prince of Wales *see below portrait* (rules during his father's illness ) (As Prince Regent he ruled in 1811 until his accession to the throne 1820 when his father died)

About the Prince Regent: please go, HERE

HRM King George III

About HRM King George III, please go HERE

It was in the year of our grace

Today's current novel date) is:

It fall around England as the leaves of the trees showing off their fall colours of brilliant reds, oranges and yellow, and the air begins to grows colder. And, we are in new month October 1815.

The Vices and Virtues' Table of Contents: *S*

Seafaring Reference Book *Click on the image below*

PLEASE do not create any new topic boards by yourself. If you need a topic board created, please leave a message at one of two MoBsters' home and we will be happy to create one. *S*

This dustjacket is brought to you by the following graphic website without the link...*See Below*

Vices and Virtues - Out of Print's date today is:Aug 4th 1815AD

Further Information:

Catherine Morland:  Vices and Virtues novel is currently looking for writers. If...View
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