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From the misty forests of Forks to the marbled halls of Volterra and everywhere in between, these are the stories of love, friendship, power and revenge inspired by the supernatural world of Twilight.

The novel date is: 2015

The Cullens have relocated to Comumbus, OH. They have not heard from Giles or the Covenant in three years. Carlisle is attending medical school, and Elizabeth, Edward and Bella's human daughter, is now attending school. Can they keep their secret? How much does the little girl understand?

While the Cullens remain frozen, life marches on for the Quileutes of La Push. Charlie and Sue have been married for a few years, and some of the senior, imprinted members of the pack are starting to think about 'retiring,' that is, stop phasing, so they can grow and change with their imprints and start families.

While Marcus and Caius have been trying to understand and contain the work of a vast network of religiously-motivated vampire hunters known as The Covenant, Aro has been building support for his own bid to retake his throne in Volterra. There have been small scale skirmishes between pro-Aro and pro-Marcus factions, and it seems an all-out confrontation is inevitable. Is the vampire world heading for civil war, and can this war be fought and won without the humans discovering the existence of the supernatural?

Current Challenge: Mothers

In honor of Mother's Day the theme for the spring challenge is mothers. Write a post about your character's life with their mother--or without one--their desire to be one, their experiences as one, or anything else that jumps to mind.

Please contact a MoB if interested! For more information on these characters, check The Twilight Lexicon

Wolves: Emily Young, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Paul Lahote . . . and more!

Humans: Renee Dwyer, Phil Dwyer, Billy Black, Charlie Swan. . . and more!

Volturi vampires: Marcus, Demetri, Heidi, Chelsea, Afton . . . and more!

Denali vampires: Kate and Eleazar

Other vampires: Alistair, Zafrina, Siobhan, Fred, Diego . . . and more!

Shared Characters
Twilight Human
Twilight Vampire

Please check this post for how to use the shared characters.

The Official Twilight-Eternity Tumblr

Check out our Tumblr! This is our attempt to reach out to people outside of Pan who might be interested in our story. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Carlisle.

Welcome visitors from Tumblr!

Please make yourselves comfortable. Use the memberlist on the left to contact Alice or Carlisle with any questions you may have about the novel!

Where would you like to visit?


Everything you need to know about about the supernatural species of the Twilight universe.

Vampires -- A whole new twist on the bloodsucking undead.

Shape-Shifters -- The nature of the remarkable Quileutes

Children of the Moon -- The more traditional werewolves of the Twilight Saga

Novel Summary -- Our story so far!

Visit our Storyboards for timelines, family trees, and more!

2011 Posts of the Year
2012 Posts of the Year
2013 Posts of the Year
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2015 Posts of the Year
2016 Posts of the year
The best posts from each character from June 2010 - June 2015. Read them here!

This novel is based off of the Twilight saga novels, written by Stephenie Meyer. All characters and situations reflect her creations.

In order to be accepted into this novel, you must read the Novel Guidelines we have created. In your application please state you understand the terms *smiles* Thank you!

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Twilight - Eternity's date today is:Apr 8th 2010AD

Further Information:

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Guest Login:  This place seems pretty cool--much more interesting than the...View
Monster Hunter Alchemist:  While I'm not a fan of the Twilight Saga, this novel is an i...View
Hyden Seek:  I'd like to congratulate your continuing success! I really ...View
Dr Carlisle Cullen:  Thank you, Vlad! It has always been our aim to improve upon...View
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