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It's the year 2517.In the course of trying to make a living shipping merchandise from one planet system to another,the Captain and crew of the Serenity are driven by the need to secure enough income to keep their ship operational, set against their need to keep a low profile to avoid their adversaries (which include criminals,schemers,Alliance security forces, the murderous Reavers, and the mysterious men with "hands of blue" who may be operatives of a secret agency which is part of the mega-corporation, The Blue Sun Corporation).

The captain and owner of the Serenity is Malcom "Mal" Reynolds. He and his first mate, Zoe Washburne, are veteran "Browncoats" of the Unification War, a failed attempt by the outlying worlds to resist the Alliance's assertion of control.
Mal bought the aged, Firefly-class spaceship and named it Serenity,in honor of Serenity Valley where the Browncoats' made their last stand.With First Mate Zoe and her Pilot husband Wash; the Engineer, Kaylee; the Shepard, Derrial Book; Jayne Cobb and Bram, men of all trades; Gabriel Knight the cook; the twins, Alluvia and Adularia; Ziya and her Navsys, much of the crew's work consists of cargo runs (or smuggling), and keeping safely out of the Alliance's way.
Inara Serra is a professional, Alliance-regulated Companion who rents one of Serenity's shuttle craft, because she brings legitimacy and respectability to the ship and it's crew. She is highly educated, articulate and refined.She chooses her own clientele. Besides Zoe, she is the only person who can get away with talking back to Mal.
River Tam was a child prodigy, who was subjected to secret experiments by the Alliance. Simon, her brother, gave up a highly successful career as a trauma surgeon to rescue her and, as a result of this rescue, they are both wanted fugitives. Simon is now the ship's surgeon.

Between heists, battles and searching for some kind of vaguely honest work, the crew of the Serenity do what they can to get along. It's pretty dangerous out there on the raggedy edge, but the Black calls.
Come and join the crew of the Serenity.The 'Verse is a big place, with a lot of adventure in it.

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Howdy! The MoBs would appreciate a heads up if you intend to join our happy crew. Before coming on board Firefly, please read the Guidelines. The MoBs will be happy to work with you in creating an appropriate character or story idea if you have one.Currently, we are looking for people who would be happy to be canon characters, but also folks who might like to be "guest star passengers". Please leave us a message if you're interested.

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Gabriel Knight

Firefly Quote of the Month

"“I promise I’ll stick close, no incidents like last time.”- Adularia

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only. The Firefly and Serenity logos, names, pictures, etc.and related items are registered Trademarks and/or Copyrights (©) of creator Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Inc., 20thCentury Fox and Universal Pictures.

Firefly's date today is:Apr 14th 2517AD

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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