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Cold is a novel based on the minds and actions of serial killers that will enable writers to dig deep inside and flesh out the horror writer that lurks within.

It is our aim to encourage writers to develop their own stories that explore the insanity, darkness and cunning that dwells within every successful serial killer, the plight of their victims and the day to day lives of the dedicated people that track them down.

Whether you’re the hunter or the hunted, Cold will give you a place to play!

No stories will be allowed based on real life serial killers. Stories can be based in any time period and anywhere in the world and chapters will be created to accommodate each individual storyline.

Supernatural characters will be allowed, such as vampires or werewolves, however their stories must focus on the murderous side of their character.

Cold is looking for cold-blooded killers. Sociopaths and Psychopaths are welcome here. Come tell the outside world your tales of horror and spin a nightmare around yourself. Choose your victims, but be careful. You never know when someone is going undercover to catch you.

This novel is rated NC-17 which means it may contain explicit sex scenes, an accumulation of sexually-oriented language and/or scenes of excessive violence. Potential writers are warned that we will not knowingly admit anyone under the age of 17 to this novel. We will also not allow any posts that are deemed obscene or pornographic.

Cold Logo, Banners and DJ graphics © Candice, 2009, 2010

Cold - Out of Print's date today is:Jan 27th 0AD

Further Information:

Jezzick Raan:  Now that is one creepy logo LOL Fantastic work Candice, as a...View
Horror Genie:  Love the new Dust Jacket Candice it is creepy cool *eg*...View
Brame:  Great new DJ. Glad to see you back, Candice....View
Tom Jones:  This novel has a great concept and I wish that I could find ...View
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