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"For all you know, your universe is in your hands!"
"Okay, okay...I get it...what do I do?"
"We don't know. Wing it..."

Since the creation of the multiverse, the Veil has formed a solid, yet invisible boundary that has separated the many worlds. A nearly infinite spectrum of worlds fills the multiverse, all connected to one another by this intricate and expansive curtain.

Certain individuals are born with a high sensitivity to the movements of this great curtain between worlds, some even able to shift and manipulate it at will. These individuals, known as planeswalkers, have gained the ability to travel from plane to plane, stepping across the Veil's boundaries into the mysterious and unknown worlds outside their own.

Planeshift's date today is:Feb 27th 2008AD

Further Information:

Maria the Genie of the Bottle:  I'm not so sure about the cake. But I had a yum yum earlier ...View
Beatrix:  Was it delicious cake?...View
Brame:  Happy Belated Birthday, Planeshift! I would have brought you...View
Rosalind ONeill:  I love the dust jacket:)...View
Avaria KelTahn:  Really well organized Dust Jacket. I may steal some ideas fo...View
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