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Feb 2018
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

Panda Bronze Medal

Set ten years after the second ALIENS movie, our novel deals with the crew of the USS Bourgainville, their lives, their work and the threats they deal with on a day to day basis.

The Colonial Marines is no place to get complacent. Most marines don't stay on one ship for too long, many choose not to make close friends, and over a quarter will be dead within the year. For those who hang on in there, it's a good career with a lousy pension, but then most folks don't make it that far, so why worry about old age, it's probably never gonna happen to you.

Alien: Hive is a closed novel which means you will need to apply for your character. Please give as much detail as you can and tell us how your character will fit into the storyline as this will help us when assessing your application. We may ask for a writing sample, but not always. If you have any questions prior to application, then please speak to an MOB. Please note we are not currently accepting any additional characters to the novel. This note will be removed when we are. Thank you for reading.

New to Alien: Hive? Then introduce yourself here. Be sure to check out our resources thread and our current cast list too.

Alien - Hive's date today is:Apr 14th 2189AD

Further Information:

Jezzick Raan:  Thanks Cass, we have a lot of plot twists planned so keep re...View
Cass King:  I love this novel :) You guys are so awesome and I love wher...View
Jezzick Raan:  Thank you to whoever awarded our novel a Panda, it's nice to...View
Melanie:  Fantastic new DJ, Tiera; I love it. love the new badges as w...View
Jezzick Raan:  Thanks for the welcome Bredon, glad to be here and nice to k...View
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