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Feb 2012
Best Dressed Novel Award
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Panda Bronze Medal

1965: The nation is still reeling from the assassination of JFK, skirts are short, the British Invasion is in full swing, the Civil Rights Movement is marching, women are speaking up, and the Vietnam War has started. Lyndon B. Johnson is president.

In Manhattan apartments are for lease in a newly renovated 666 West End Ave. Built in the Beaux Arts style during the Gilded Age this building has seen more than its share of death and mystery, but that is an unseen history, largely unknown to its latest tenants, and certainly not shared by the current landlords. The only one that knows even a slender slice of this sinister history is paranormal investigator and author Nick Capra.

Do you dare to move into the most haunted building in New York, maybe the most haunted building in America? Something dark and demonic lurks just under the modern modish d├ęcor. Can you survive if you do?

666 West End Avenue's date today is:Sep 16th 1925

Further Information:

Synn Gardenn:  I wrote in 666's first incarnation when I first created Synn...View
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