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300 years ago, a group of interstellar colonists crash-landed on a lush planet far from our own solar system. Only a handful of scientists � all women � survived. What did they do to preserve their colony for later generations, and what were the ramifications of those choices?

To begin to find out, read "NEW MYTILINI: The Setting for Our Story."

Now, this distant colony is celebrating its Tricentennial. It will be the turning point in its history. A repressed Underground movement plans to make it the year in which the Caste System which has heretofore controlled their society comes to a revolutionary end. The Government, on the other hand, is fully confident that under the leadership of its resolute Speaker, it will stamp out all significant dissent once and for all, and usher in a true Golden Age.

Join in our story to determine which of them is right!

New Mytilini - Out of Print's date today is:Feb 26th 2408AD

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