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This novel is an anthology of French history. We will cover major intrigues from French history starting with the Concini Affair in 1617. It will also include such events as the Affair of the Necklace during Marie Antoinette's time, the reign of Napol�on Bonaparte and much more!


Hours after King Henri IV's assassination in 1610, his widow, Marie de Medici, was confirmed as Regent for their son, Louis XIII, by the Parlement of Paris. Lacking the political taste and ability to rule, however, she was soon entirely under the influence of her unscrupulous Italian favourite, Concino Concini. Under his lax and capricious rule, the princes of the blood and the great nobles of the kingdom revolted, and the Queen Regent, too weak to assert her authority, consented (15 May 1614) to buy off the discontented princes. The opposition was led by Henri de Bourbon-Cond�, Duc d'Enghien.

In 1616 her policy was strengthened by the accession to her councils of Richelieu. However, in 1617 her son Louis XIII, already several years into his legal majority, asserted his authority. The king effectively overturned the pro-Hapsburg, pro-Spanish policy by ordering the assassination of Concini, exiling the Queen to the Ch�teau Blois and appointing Richelieu to his bishopric.

Henri, Marquis de Cinq-Mars, was introduced to King Louis through Cardinal Richelieu in 1639. The aging Cardinal hoped that Louis would take Cinq-Mars as his favorite and hence Richelieu would control the King through the young Marquis. But Henri would not be a silent pawn. In 1642, Henri schemed with leading nobles (including the King's brother, the duc d'Orl�ans) to raise a rebellion; he also signed a secret agreement with the King of Spain, who promised to aid the rebels. Richelieu's spy service, however, discovered the plot, and the Cardinal received a copy of the treaty. Cinq-Mars was promptly arrested and executed; although Louis approved the use of capital punishment, he grew more distant from Richelieu as a result.


The affair of the diamond necklace was a mysterious incident in the 1780s at the court of Louis XVI of France involving the queen Marie Antoinette. It concerned an unsavoury episode in which the wife of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, whose reputation was already tarnished by gossip and scandal, was implicated in a crime by contemporary public opinion. The Affair was historically significant as one of the events that led to the French populace's disillusionment with the monarchy, which eventually culminated in the French Revolution.

Coming Soon.


Set in the early 1860s during the reign of Napoleon III, the second emperor of the French, this thread concerns the ordinary citizens of Paris and their struggles.

L'Affaire de Concini

L'Affaire de Cinq-Mars

L'Affaire du Collier

L'Affaire Napol�onienne

L'Affaire du Second Empire

Liste de Fonte

Biographies De Caract�re

Banni�res et illustrations

La Bibliotheque

L'Affaire - Out pf Print's date today is:Apr 10th 1617-1862AD

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