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For over a thousand years the Second Imperium held together over twelve thousand worlds in a political, economic and social collective that was widely held to be enlightened, beneficial to its members, and unfortunately, utterly stagnant.

The ideals of its founders became entrenched in a system that spent more effort on maintaining status quo - a generally pleasant status quo - but one that had little room for innovation and change. New ideas could not be absorbed, and when the troubles began, the Imperial bureaucracy could not cope. Discontent grew, and even the Imperial Navy, bastion of the Second Imperium's control over its worlds, began to dissolve.

No one expected the Collapse, and it took over a generation for it to devolve across the reaches of the Imperium. It did not come to everyone at the same time, so that some worlds were already severed from the resources they had depended upon while others struggled to maintain the laws and order or the Imperium, even claimed to be the remnants of the Imperium. It did not last.

After the collapse of the Second Imperium, humanity struggled to survive. Entire planets, dependent upon their neighbours or more distant worlds, perished as much needed supplies never reached them. Some descended to barbarism, or worse. Others self-annihilated. And some thrived, freed of the restrictions that had been placed upon them by a great empire that ruled over thousands of worlds.

Of those that thrived, many sent out diplomats and traders to re-establish links with other worlds. Some, those fortunate enough to have had an imperial fleet in their sector when the collapse took place, inherited the ships as their own. They sent out fleets, to conquer their neighbours.

All of those who could still reach for the stars needed explorers. Jump drives became a precious commodity, especially the ones that reached far, far into space. The race to explore had begun again, just like it had in the days of sail. Those with the guts and daring to dream big, to take great risks, would reap the greatest rewards....

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We are not accepting applications. This is a two-writer novel. It's meant to be read, like a book. New story posts appear regularly.

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A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print's date today is:Mar 4th 4514AD

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