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The Jedi Civil War - Out of Print Novel

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Mandalore the Ultimate, leader of the Mandalorian clans, led his people on a rampage across the Outer Rim, unchallenged by Republic forces. The Galactic Senate failed to act appropriately in order to stop the Mandalorians in their assault on the Outer Rim, and it has cost them dearly. When finally his warriors attacked the Republic, there was little that could be done to stop them. They rampaged across Republic Space unchecked, killing at will and destroying entire worlds. Despite this massive slaughter, The Jedi High Council forbid members of the Order from entering the conflict, believing there to be some greater threat behind the Mandalorian forces.

Revan Cloudrunner, a powerful Mandalorian Jedi Knight, disagreed with this policy of non-interference and left the Order, followed by countless others in a quest to stop the Mandalorian threat. After defeating the Mandalorian war machine and felling Mandalore the Ultimate in the Battle of Malachor V, Revan drew his forces into the Unknown Regions, utilizing ancient Sith techniques to lure them to the Dark Side.

Now, he prepares his new Sith army to launch an assault on the weakened Republic thinking to harden it in combat, preparing it for the threat posed by an ancient Sith Empire on the rise. The next great Sith War is about to begin, but in the eyes of many within the galaxy, it is no more than a Jedi Civil War.

The novel is currently writing about the Medliner attack.

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Don't forget to use our genre's wonderful reference book Infinite Worlds as an additional resource.

The Jedi Civil War was created for entertainment purposes only, and is in no way intended to infringe on the intellectual property of BioWare Corp, Obsidian Entertainment, LucasArts Entertainment, or Dark Horse Comics. The materials and reference points from the Knights of the Old Republic video games and comic books are being used under the “Fair Use” provisions of United States Copyright Law.

    The Jedi Civil War - Out of Print's date today is:Apr 10th 3960BBY

    Further Information:

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