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Rome: The Power & The Glory Novel

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Rome: The Power & The Glory Planning

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Rome's power and glory have wained over the years under an oppressive, brutal, and tyrannical dictator. Her traditions have been trampled. Her Senators humiliated or bribed. Her Generals forsaken. Her citizens disadvantaged. On the horizons, barbarians eagerly look upon the Roman lands to spoil for their own. Provinces are invaded. Prefectures lost.

However, restless and ambitious Generals and Senators who had been secretly conspiring against the despotic regime have finally succeeded in restoring the Republic at the cost of the life of the infamous Dictator. Thus relieved of the oppressive burden of dictatorship and terror, the citizens of the dawning Republic, heady with a freedom not enjoyed for decades, dream of bequeathing their children the seed of a peaceful and prosperous Empire, unaware of the political machinations that will ultimately determine their future from within the marble walls of the Senate or the permanent struggle of the legions to secure Roman rule in distant and untamed provinces.

Her leaders will soon rule the known world with unparalleled skill, her generals will be notable for their cunning, and her soldiers feared for their strength and ruthlessness. Her strong women will pull unseen strings in the Senate and the Campus Martius, wielding invisible power in the political and social arena.

Greatness and wisdom, as well as treason and bloodshed, will forge the power and the glory of Rome.

Rome: The Power & The Glory is based on an alternate history model with a historical background. This novel is NOT fan fiction based on the popular HBO series, "Rome." There is a war-gaming component, a role-play component, and a social hierarchy component that is patterned after the Roman Cursus Honorum.

Urbs Aeterna
Urbs Romana
Rome. The Eternal City. The political, military, and social center of the Roman Republic.
Campus Martius
The Field of Mars. In early ancient times, it served as a pasture for sheep. In times of war, it served as a training ground for the Roman Legions and as a place for martial games.
It encompasses the area from the Alps to the sea, from Ostia to Brundisium.
The protectorate has strategic importance for the Romans. It possesess a number of important commercial ports along its coastline, and had gold mines in its interior regions.
Veteres Malaeque Bonae Terrae
The lands to East of the Roman Empire including Armenia, Babylon, Media, Mesopotamia, The Parthian Empire, and all points to the distant, uncharted East.
Occidens Viae Principalis
The lands to the west of Rome that have not been conquered by Rome.


Rome: The Power & The Glory's date today is:Apr 10th 183BC

Further Information:

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