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Jun 2010
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A Nightmare Made FLESH

A disease appears...
It's just the flu...
You'll get better...

We're inviting people to run for their lives or to read at FLESH. Application to the novel does not guarantee admission. Please give plenty of details in your applications, how your character will fit into the existing story, and review our guidelines. This is not a novel of the supernatural or undead.

Wessex Falls: a Small Town Under Siege—Chapter 1

Wessex Falls is a lively small town in Vermont, bucolic and far from the maddening crowd. Little does it know that terrifying contagion, soon to be named "the zombie flu" has already entered town.

Wessex Falls: Planning & Discussion

New to the novel or a new character? Start here: The Infection

The Zombies: They are stronger, faster, more determined and more violent than before infection. They are not dead. They are infected with a virus that makes them seemingly unstoppable with a high resistance to pain. They are not shambling and brain dead. They retain an instinct for survival, react fast, and don't go for each other. They prefer their food fresh and uninfected.

The Virus: invented by the military to create super soldiers able to continue fighting after taking serious injuries, the original virus mutated and quickly got out of hand. The original test subjects, Marines, escaped confinement and the contagion quickly spread. It is easily passed through body fluids.

Join us as one of the uninfected.

Rules of Engagement:

Writers that go absent without leave WILL BE EATEN. (3 months)
If you decide to leave the novel let us know so YOU CAN BE EATEN. (Instanteous)
If you need to be inactive for any length of time due to real life concerns please let a Member of the Board know and we'll suspend you for a while and you won't be eaten. Unless you never come back. Then YOU WILL BE EATEN. (3 months after estimated time of return)
We (The MOBs) just love it when people get eaten around here.
Please consider playing a very ordinary person. The fun will be in ordinary people surviving against horrific odds. If you want to make changes to zombie biology or have interesting plot ideas or backstory ideas please contact a MOB to discuss it.

FLESH's date today is:Apr 14th 2010AD

Further Information:

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