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Nov 2015
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

The Lion's Den

Greetings, gentlepeople.
This be the dust jacket for his most royal sovereign, King Henry VIII.

His Majesty the King has graciously given you leave to explore his kingdom in several threads.

The Lion Cub: Henry VIII's Childhood - For stories that deal with Henry VIII’s childhood. He was born on 28 June 1491 and ascended to the throne on 21 April 1509.

Queen Catherine's England

Young Henry VIII Young Katherine of Aragon
Henry ----------- Katherine

500th Anniversary. What was happening 500 years ago in the Tudor court? This thread is currently set in the time of Katherine of Aragon.

The Field of the Cloth of Gold is coming!


Older Henry VIIIOlder Katherine of AragonOlder Anne BoleynJane Seymour “"

Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, Katherine Parr

Main Thread

Katherine of Aragon - For any story that takes place in the time of Katherine of Aragon, who lived from 1485 - 1536. She married Prince Arthur in 1501 and Prince Henry (Henry VIII) in 1509. Her daughter, Princess Mary (Mary I), was born 18 February 1516. Katherine of Aragon’s marriage was annulled in 1533.

Anne Boleyn - For any story that takes place in the time of Anne of Boleyn. She was born c. 1507, was with Margaret of Austria in the Burgundian Netherlands from 1513 - 1514, served as a maid of honor in France to two queens, Mary Tudor and Claude of France, from 1514 - 1521, returned to England, and was married to Henry VIII from 28 May 1533 – 17 May 1536.

Jane Seymour - For any story taking place in the time of Jane Seymour. She was born c 1508 and was a maid of honour to Queen Katherine of Aragon by 1532 (or perhaps 1527). She married Henry VIII on 30 May 1536, became pregnant in January 1537, gave birth in October 1537, and died on 24 October 1537.

Anne of Cleeves - For any story that takes place in the time of Anne of Cleeves. She was born on 22 September 1515. In 1526, her sister, Sibylle, married John Frederick, Elector of Saxony, who was considered the “Champion of the Reformation”. In 1527, Anne was betrothed to Francis, son and heir of the Duke of Lorraine, but this was cancelled in 1535. She was married to Henry VIII from 6 January 1540 – 9 July 1540 and died on 16 July 1557 in England.

Katherine Howard - This is for any story that takes place in the time of Katherine Howard. Katherine Howard was born around 1523 or 1525. Her father’s sister, Elizabeth Howard, was the mother of Anne Boleyn. Katherine’s mother, Joyce Culpeper, died in 1528. She married Henry VIII on 28 July 1540 but was stripped of her title as queen on 23 November 1541. She was executed on 13 February 1542.

Katherine Parr - This is for any story taking place in the time of Katherine Parr. She was born in 1512. She married Sir Edward Burgh in 1529, John Neville, 3rd Baron Latimer in 1534, and Henry VIII on 12 July 1543. The king died on 28 January 1547. She married Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley and later died on 5 September 1548.

London - This and other geographical threads are currently set in 1544. Queen Katherine, the former Katherine Parr, Lady Latimer, is Queen.

Alternative History - History could have been much different. Feel free to start a new storyline, but name your story and put that in parentheses before the title of your post.

Currently we have:

Long Live King Arthur

ArthurYoung Katherine of Aragon
Arthur ----------- Katherine

Prince Arthur did not die in Wales and has become king of England. Will Prince Henry sit for being second fiddle and watch his brother have all the power in England?

Currently, we are in 1511. Arthur and Catherine have been crowned and are now celebrating their coronation Arthurian style.

Dead Queen's Society
King Henry may get his way in this life, but his queens have a thing or two to say in the next one.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Get wacky! Here is your chance to do all the stories that don't fit into other storylines.

Record your character biographies here.

Don't remember where research is? 'Tis under Story Boards.

Please note: We are looking for all types of people in this novel! Some include: commoners, thieves, servants, children or any others you can think of! This novel is more focused on the era around the King rather than the King himself.

  • On another note, we ask that you do not apply to the novel as King Henry VIII. We have decided to keep him an NPC in this novel.
  • Please do not apply as a queen or major canon character unless you will post for the major events of your canon character, including any build-up. Otherwise, you may hold up other people waiting to react to the event. Also, while everyone makes errors, if you are posting as a queen or major canon character, please keep mistakes to a minimum.
  • Please talk with the MOBs before adding a new thread. We would like the threads to have a consistent look.

The Lion's Den's date today is:May 24th 1544AD

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

Latest Novel Posting:

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2020-05-19 19:08:46 (500th Anniversary - 1520) Beside the Sea by Nienna
2020-05-23 22:21:29 (500th Anniversary - 1520) Waiting Game by Katherine of Aragon
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2020-05-24 01:33:42 500th Anniversary - 1520) Guilted Into It by Peony Baggins Burrows
2020-05-24 21:28:51 500th Anniversary - 1520) Anticipating the Big Event by Rebecca Barnes
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2020-05-14 20:41:30 All the King's Puddings by Melilot Brandybuck
2020-05-16 18:58:25 Women Who Attended Katherine at the Field of Cloth of Gold by Katherine of Aragon
2020-05-16 20:33:27 Tudor Meat Pies by Melilot Brandybuck
2020-05-17 01:02:40 Rebecca Barnes by Rebecca Barnes
2020-05-18 20:54:52 Field of Cloth of Gold: The Clothes by Kezia Wellington
2020-05-21 00:05:24 Iphigénie, Take Two by Iphianassa
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2018-12-08 19:16:32 RE: Welcome Natalia Romanova by Natalia Romanova
2018-12-11 17:13:47 RE: Welcome Natalia Romanova by Larisa Novikov
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2020-05-16 18:49:14 Invitation to the Field of Cloth of Gold - the Second by Anne of Brittany

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