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n the centuries following the withdrawal of The Empire, at the very western edges of the known world, Eirish, Picts, Britons, Angles and outlanders play a dangerous game of strategy, influence, and might for control of the islands At World's End.

lliances made in the morning may be revoked by the evening meal and completely forgotten by the following sunrise as fourth and fifth sons, ne'er do well cousins, and the bastard children of noble houses compete in search of power and property in these bitterly contested lands.

he kingdoms within Eire, Dalriada, Pictland, Bernicia and more await you. Find your place, stake your claim and try to hold it. Never forgetting the rising power from a different quarter, the Church of the one true risen Lord seeking to extend its own influence in the battle for souls and more.


Grand Greetings to the Populace!! You are cordially invited to attend There will be much food, merriment, suspense, intrigue and amusement for all and sundry! Come join us, as we celebrate Lord Tarbert's nupials to Lady Emerinetiana!


t World's End is a closed novel. Please read the novel guidelines before you apply. All applicants must pass a short quiz based on the Novel Guidelines before being accepted.

ome of the stories taking place in this novel originated at Scotia, another novel in the History section at Pan. While the settings of these two novels are very similar, there are some notable differences. To make your transition easier, please visit the Transition Guide for Scotia Players.

any of the stories found in this novel pre-date At World's End. Some of the characters even predate Pan Historia. If you want a taste of the rich and vibrant story that's taken place, visit the Archive Pages.

he content of the novel topics is edited on a regular basis to include updates to the on going story. Please check them regularly as a quick reference to what's taking place in your story location.

Uliad – Fermanagh
Uliad – North Coast
Western Isles
Kintyre – Tarbert
Lorne – Dunollie
Border Lands
Cait – Carn Liath
Moray – Farigaig Forest
Moray – Dun Garbh
Moray – Glen Airchartdun
Moray – Burghead
Fortriu – Dundurn
Tay – Arbroath
The Orcades

he story boards contain a wealth of information to assist writers in telling their Dark Ages tales, regardless of their knowledge of the period. Looking for details? Find them here. Have some great tidbits or find a great map? Share it here.

Ask Brude
Clan Guidebook
Personal Effects
Casting Calls
Character Introductions
Life At World's End
Anachronistic No-No's
Mystic & Mythic Practices
Maps & Diagrams

The planning board is intended for behind-the-scenes events for participants of At World's End. Whether discussing an upcoming scene or storyline, having fun with often-improbable "what-if" scenarios, or hanging out in our tavern (without fear of public recrimination), the planning board is the place to be.

The Trinity Bar and Grill
Stirring the Pot
What If?
The Round Table
Trinity Spa & Salon
Exit Strategies

Summer 591 AD

At World's End - Out of Print's date today is:Mar 4th 590AD

Further Information:

If you haven't created a character for this novel, you will only be able to read the novel. You must be contributing character before you can add to the story

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