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2063 a virus that was being studied in a secret lab on the west coast of the US gets loose, no one knows how, it races across the globe killing everyone who is in or has passed puberty. Within 3 weeks no one is left on Earth but the children.

Things fall into chaos and ruin. Fires burned out of control in the large metropolitan areas, leaving nothing where the old mega cities had been, but the rusting hulks. The children did what they could to survive in a world gone terribly wrong. Many of them died resulting from various medical problems that, just months before would have presented no problem at all. Infections from scratches, appendicitis, the usual various childhood diseases took still more. Accidents became fatal with no one to rescue a lone child wandering the countryside often in search of food or others. Few remembered the old world or blocked it out due to the trauma endured as all they knew died leaving them to fend for themselves. With no law and no adults to tell them what was right and wrong, to tell them how things were and what they need to do, they did whatever they wanted or needed to do to survive.

Now it is 2174, 111 years after “IT”, as they came to call the virus that forever changed the world. Here and there groups of children gathered creating a new life for themselves anyway they could. Yesterday’s Children is about the the beliefs and cultures that came out of the chaos that followed "IT".

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Yesterday's Children - Out of Print's date today is:Sep 17th 2174AD

Further Information:

Shana:  I want to welcome you to Yesterday's Children! As you will ...View
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