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Between the Second and Third Crusades in the Holy Land of Jerusalem, the battle of faiths continues to take place between Christians and Muslims. Nearly one hundred years ago the Byzantine Emperor asked for the help from the Pope and Europe in dealing with the increased pressure which the Muslims placed on Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem. Since then kings, queens, knights, and other Europeans have come to their aid and set up their own kingdom in Jerusalem. But when the Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem needs aid from the rising Muslim army, will the Byzantine Empire come to save their fellow Christians? Or are they too far occupied with internal turmoil to even notice?

Within Europe there are wars and treacheries going on as well but not because of the difference of faith. As European attention turns from the Holy Land back to their own problems and personal gain. There are two feuding countries, ready for war; England, home of King Henry II, and France, home of King Philip II, who have been enemies as long as anyone can remember.

The Leper King died in 1185 and his successor, the child Baldwin V, two years later. The elder sister of King Baldwin, Princess Sibylla was crowned, however, her supporters are the Knights Templar and Westerner newcomers who badly provoke Salah ad-Din. The moderate native barons support Princess Isabella and unsuccessfully try to prevent war. At the Battle of Hattin the Crusader Army is badly defeated and the victorious Muslim re-conquer Jerusalem. The leader of the native barons, Raymond of Tripoli, travels to the West to plead for aid for Outremer while the few loyal noble survivors keep the remaining fortresses at Tyre and Tripoli.

Join us and explore the politics at one of the many European courts, the court of the Kingdom of Jerusalem or the Byzantine Empire, the life of a soldier in the army of Saladin, or the secret life of the Hashshashin, a militant basis as a religious sect of Ismaili Muslims who are enemies of Saladin but not allies of the Christians.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem has remained in Christian hands for almost one hundred years...Will one generation see it fall?

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"Kingdom of Heaven" & all related marks & media are TM & © 2005 21st Century Fox. All pictures and other material were obtained through approved channels or from public domain and are not intended to infringe any copyrights.

Kingdom of Conscience's date today is:Apr 14th 1187AD

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Beatrice of Evreux:  Happy Birthday KoC!!!...View
Philippe of Evreux:  Congrats, Trencavel! It looks like you worked very well the ...View
Maid Marian:  I absolutely love the dust jacket on this novel! Very nicely...View
Agnes of Tripoli:  The minstrels played their Christmas tune To-night beneath ...View
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