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Souvenir de la Mal Maison - Out of Print Novel

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Prior to conversion La Mal Maison was a grand hospital. In deference to the great works we have kept the name - though we have created here all the luxuries that the heart could desire.

Resting high atop a prominence, the hotel commands a view of the sea over which the sun rises in the morning. In the evening the sun setting behind the hotel fills the bay with color and shadows. Along the rise, cliffs and pathways lead down to stretches of secluded beaches making bathing both a fun and private affair. The grounds offer paths and gardens through both cultured and natural settings. Apart from the incline to the sea, the walking is gentle and easy to the foot. Sea birds and land birds abound in their season. Excursions to the local sites may be arranged at the front desk.

From the terrace the view may be enjoyed over lunch or tea, though it is the main dining hall for which the Hotel is most noted. The large windows let in the morning light for breakfast and allow diners the pleasantness of the view over their evening repast. At night, when the band plays the windows open, allowing the music to wash over the patio. One may dance both inside or out or simply amuse themselves with friends and drinks as the stars shine brightly overhead. Though rare, the occasional storm coming in from the sea only adds to the beauty and luxury of La Mal Maison.

Each story in this novel shall be granted a thread.
Participants may set up a planning thread as they feel nessessary but I ask that we are careful with the Novel Threads and have the MoB create them for you.

Novel link imagaes are to be no larger than 150 X 150 pixals.

Souvenir de la Mal Maison - Out of Print's date today is:Aug 4th 2009AD

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