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Feb 2012
The Diamond Jubilee
The Diamond Jubilee

Panda Bronze Medal

What do you think of when the word vampire slips from your lips or graces the delicate shell of your ear. The wisdom of immortality? An unending beauty of undying youth? Perhaps the thrill of invincibility tempts your soul into a false lull which romanticizes the accursed damn. No my friend, and heed my words carefully lest you fall victim to an eternity of hell.

The demon inside roars, rattling it’s cage, ravenous for death and blood. Do you understand the nightly struggle of a menacing beast prowling just on the cusp of your consciousness? Slowly gnawing away at your sanity to it’s own satisfaction…

A hunger which drives, consumes every ounce of you; placated only by acts of horror, quelled through murder and treachery. Yet there is never true satisfaction, never release even with the most depraved of deeds. The unholy abomination brooding in the dark knows no ending save final death. I urge you not to tempt a cruel fate you can not comprehend for once thrall to this curse the torment is merciless. There is no redemption from such anguish, not even through highest grace of an almighty on high listening with deaf ears.

Chapter Three - The Ties That Bind

The City of Angels lacks it's Camarilla Prince, yet as the dust settles from the previous Prince's flight several clans are emerging to support candidates of their own. In this weakened state the Sabbat continues to press and stress the Masquerade, leaving more and more of Los Angeles unattended and available for independent and roaming Kindred.

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Noteworthy Kindred

This role-playing forum is loosely based on Vampire: The Masquerade and one doesn't need to be familiar with it in order to participate.

Vampire: The Masquerade & The World of Darkeness are the sole properties of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. and are not to be reproduced without their express permission. The characters and situations being portrayed on this site are for entertainment use only.

Carpe Noctem's date today is:Apr 14th 2012

Further Information:

Vincent Cross:  Thank you, Isabel Michaels. The DJ would be the work of Mon...View
Isabel Michaels:  Amazing dj. Great job...View
Victim:  I wonder how long a bloke's gonna be hanging around waiting ...View
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