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The Midnight People - Out of Print Novel

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This version of Midnight People has been archived and is considered 'out of print'. We are not gone, however, and if you would like to read the current verion of our story please go here

Can you stop the future happening; do you even want to?

You go to sleep one night and you seem to wake up in another time and place - only it's eerily familiar. You find yourself as another alternate you; again familiar but not quite the same. You are in a fight between good and evil. Then you wake up in in the morning and you're back in the mundane. Find out who are The Midnight People.

Alert: The Midnight People is an NC-17 rated novel for some explicit language and explicit scenes. Please do not apply to join if you are under 18 years old or offended by frank language.

The Midnight People is an original novel set in a world much like ours on one side of the looking glass. Our Waking selves should be ordinary and mundane - people caught up in the stress and boredom of the 21st century.

But your Dreaming selves are quite different, as is the world they are transported into. Is it a dream or is it an alternate reality? The Dreaming world is one that is familiar yet strange. It's vaguely in the future, but how far in the future is hard to tell. Parts of it seem to be back in the past, in the ages before Christianity for the heroes and the villains that are fighting for supremacy of this 'future' earth are part faery, part myth, and part fearless hunters.

How do you cope when you spend the night dreaming of a world so real that you can feel the bruises next day? Can you die in the Midnight world? Is this your future? Are you insane or do you meet others that are Dreamers in the Midnight World? Current events in the story have begun to suggest that the connection between the waking and dreaming is more tangible than mere dreaming. The waking world, our 21st Century, seems to be the past and the dreaming our apocalyptic future. Can balance be restored between dark and light? Can the Faery learn to live with Humans for the sake of all our worlds?

Images are by Andrew Wyeth

There are many different possibilities for character types in The Midnight People from traditional faery types to faeries of other nations. The assumption is that there is a reality beyond our waking one and it's full of ancient people of power but like humans they suffer from vanity and pride. There are certain essential requirements for character creation in order to conform to the plot as it has been carefully worked out since The Midnight People has been in existance so please consult with a Member of the Board before finalizing your choice.

Meet the Members of the Board:

Red King: In the Waking world he's a retired cop and a widower who has been drawn back into tracking down some sinister killers by Fanny McKay. In the Dreaming he is The Red King, Nuada of the Silver Arm, King of the Tuatha de Daanan of the Seelie.

Fanny Fae: In the Waking world she's Fanny McKay, occult investigator working on a series of grisly murders. In the Dreaming she's Lady Faelyn, ruler of the Fortunate Isle.

Zack Daniels: In the Waking he's a Black Jack dealer living in NH. Originally from London he's on the run - from himself. Bitter he swears loyalty to nothing. In the Dreaming Lord Zack is a warrior of the Seelie Court. He is unswerving in his loyalty and fierce in combat.

Adrasteia Hatshepsut: In the Waking Andrea Hatshap is a highly motivated executive at Target Inc. who lets nothing stand in her way. In the Dreaming she is Lady Adrasteia, faithful daughter to King Nuada and devoted to his cause.

The Midnight People - Out of Print's date today is:Apr 14th YearAD

Further Information:

Adrasteia Hatshepsut:  I yearn for our enrapturing story of Midnight People, I real...View
Zack Daniels:  This novel is evocative - we should remember to keep the sto...View
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